Do You Want to Call Brick Painters? Consider All the Things First before Doing It

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You should know everything about painting the exterior bricks of your home before hiring one of the best brick painters in your living area. As a result, you will be satisfied with the result and not regret it. Indeed, you can do this project by yourself, but it is okay if you ask a professional brick painter to help you. This article will also guide you to understand everything to consider before painting the exterior brick. It also guides you to get the best brick painter that understands the result you want. 

The Reasons Why You Should Paint the Exterior Brick of Your House

There are some reasons why you should paint the exterior brick of your house. One of them is to make your home look fresher. It seems that you are looking for a new home after painting the exterior brick. 

It depends on the paint brand you choose, but some paints consist of a sealant. This compound helps to protect the brick from various issues, including precipitation, fading, deterioration, and others. It is also an effective way to keep the exterior brick clean. 

Brick is easy to trap dirt and debris because of its porous characteristic. This problem becomes worse when you leave the brick unpainted. The longer you let the dirt and debris stick on the brick, the harder it is to clean them. 

Painting the brick is a solution because it makes the surface smooth. As a result, it will be much easier to clean the dirt and debris from the brick wall. 

Things to Consider Before Calling a Brick Painter 

You still have to consider some important things after learning the reasons to paint the exterior bricks. For example, you should realize that the result is permanent. It is hard to get back to the original brick exterior once you paint it. Even professional brick painters understand that the bricks stay painted once they are painted. All you have to do is change the paint color or repaint the brick just like you want anytime you want to refresh it. 

Since you can’t get the original color of the brick back, you should treat the brick. One of the ways to treat the painted bricks is by repainting them every 7 to 10 years. This treatment is also effective to prevent the paint from turning a chip. 

Painting the exterior bricks means that you need to clean them more often. Dirt and mildew are more visible on painted exterior bricks. It will be great if you call a professional to clean the bricks regularly. The process is faster because they have a powerful spray machine to remove dirt and mildew. Best of all, your exterior brick looks crisp and clean. 

Things to Consider When Finally Painting the Exterior Brick 

Say that you finally decided to paint the exterior brick. Indeed, calling one of the trusted exterior brick painters is the fastest solution. On the other hand, it is okay if you want to include this project in your DIY project. Nevertheless, you still have to consider several things before starting the project. 

One of the common fatal mistakes is painting molded, deteriorating, or chipped brick. Most homeowners do it to shorten the painting process. They think that covering the mold with new paint can solve the problem, but it is not. The truth is that you even exaggerate the problem. So, ensure that you solve the problem first before painting the exterior brick. 

Professional brick painters will also do the same. It takes time but you will be satisfied with the result. Remember! You are about to paint the exterior brick. It means you should choose paints for exterior bricks. 

Indeed, the components of exterior paints are different compared to interior paints. For example, paint manufacturers produce exterior paints to solve the porous issue. In this case, it is better to pick a high-quality masonry paint for a longer result. Start smaller if it is your first-time project. Check the result and ensure that it is just like you want. If so, you can widen the area you are about to paint. 

Beginning Painting Exterior Bricks 

Prepare the materials and tools you will use to paint the exterior brick. 


  • Wire scrub brush
  • Soap
  • Water 
  • Trisodium phosphate 
  • Paintbrush
  • Paint roller 
  • Masonry or latex paint
  • Latex primer 
  • Drop cloths
  • Painter’s tape

Steps to Paint Exterior Brick in 3 Steps 

Check the Bricks 

The first thing to do is check the condition of the brick. It is better not to skip this step because it determines the result. Ensure that there are no cracks and holes in the brick. Fix the problem first to ensure that the brick is ready to paint. 

In case there are holes and cracks, fill them with a filler. Wait until the filler is dry and sand it to get a smooth surface. Remember to ensure that the surface is clean from mold, dust, dirt, and mildew. Use a stiff brush to wipe down the dirt and masonry cleaner to get rid of any green and fungus.

Apply the Primer  

Prepare the latex primer once the brick is ready to paint. It is similar to the glue that adheres the paint to the brick. Using a paint brush or roller will make this job faster. Apply a thin primer first and let it dry for about 3 to 5 hours. The drying process can be shorter or longer depending on the weather and temperature in your living area. 


It is the step you are waiting for, painting! You can only apply the paint when the latex primer is dry. So, check the condition of the primer after 3 to 5 hours. Give more time if it is not dry enough. You should also check the temperature. You would better postpone the painting project if the temperature is below 5 degrees Celsius. Start the project when the temperature is above 5 degrees Celsius. 

Start the project at the top of the brick and continue the process way around the edges with a paintbrush. Finish the painting project with the roller to paint the rest of the brick. Start with a thin layer first. Then, repaint the surface. 

Ensure that the second painting process is thicker than the previous coat. The function of painting the brick twice is to get the solid color and the color you want. It also makes the second coat stick strongly and last longer on the brick. 

Wait until the paint dries and check the result. You may repaint it if you need a more solid hue. That’s it! Your job to paint the brick is done. All you have to do is enjoy the result and take care of the brick regularly. 

Nowadays, you don’t have to do this painting project by yourself. Professional brick painting companies are ready to help you. They understand well what to do and they can’t do it while finishing your painting project. It is an effective way to prevent any unwanted risks in the project. 

It is not a problem if you don’t have the time or experience to do it. There are so many brick painters out there. Choose a trusted brick painting company and let them handle the project. Soon, your house looks brand-new. Then, keep the condition of the brick by cleaning it regularly.  

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