Do You Want to Repair A Patio Door? Here is The Complete Guide Related to Patio Doors Repair!


The terrace of the house is the perfect place to rest while enjoying the atmosphere around. For this reason, many people carry out renovations around their terraces so access to the terrace is easy. But what happens if the patio door is damaged or has problems. Of course you are looking for ways how to do patio doors repair, right?

However, you may also have difficulty repairing it yourself so you look for where to find patio doors repair near me. Well, in this article we provide an full explanation for repairing patio doors.

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Let’s Know What are Patio Doors and Where Can You Install Patio Doors or Do Patio Doors Repair?

Patio doors have a variety of styles. There are sliding patio doors, glass patio doors, aluminum patio doors, and others. All of them are available in the market and you can choose according to your need. Of course, the price of the partition doors also varies depending on the type. For example, sliding patio doors repair costs are different from the price of regular patio doors. So, you can buy it according to your budget.

Well, when your patio door has a problem, maybe you want to fix it yourself. However, what if you don’t have experience in doing patio doors repair? Of course, you don’t want to damage your own property, right? That’s why you actually need to know easy ways to install or repair the patio door.

The first right way to install a patio door is to make a hole in the wall that you want to install with a patio door. You can actually do that yourself. However, it would be better if you hire the services of a professional handyman to help you avoid mistakes or damage during the process of perforating the wall.

Terrace doors are also widely used in office buildings. This is done so the sunlight can enter the building. For this reason, terrace doors in many office buildings use stationary panels and one hinged door (such as sliding glass patio doors) so the natural light can easily enter the room. It actually reduces the privacy of people in the building. But this can be overcome by adding curtains on the patio door.

No Less Important than Knowing How to Do Patio Doors Repair, You Also Need to Know The Types of Patio Doors that are Commonly Used

In general, there are two types of patio doors, namely hinged patio doors and sliding patio doors. Hinged patio doors are doors that are attached to the wall, while the sliding doors are mounted on a wall track and can be opened to the side (like the Japanese house door model). In addition to the two patio doors, there are several other types of patio doors as follows.

  • French patio doors: This type of door is made of wood and is framed by large rectangular glass. French patio doors can be installed in single or double forms. 
  • Sliding glass patio doors: We’ve already talked about these doors in the office building’s patio doors above. Well, this type of patio door is made of glass with large windows mounted with plastic, fiberglass, or vinyl frames. This door is very suitable for limited space because this door does not require a lot of space. You can also add security features to the door.
  • Coastal storm patio doors: If you live in a coastal area, then you must experience extreme weather. Well, this type of patio door can be the perfect choice for you. This type of door is made of strong material so it can protect you from bad weather and strong winds.
  • Screen partition doors: If you want to add ventilation to your home, then these patio doors are for you. Especially if you live in an area with lots of insects and you can’t open windows, then screen door partitions are the right choice for use in your home. However, because this patio door cannot withstand weather changes, it is better for you to install it in the house. So, for you who live in areas with extreme weather, it is highly recommended not to choose this type of patio door.

Now, after you know the types of patio doors, you can easily do patio doors repair. Why? Because there are different types of patio doors, there are also different ways to make repairs.

There are Some Common Problems that Often Occur with Patio Doors

Although it looks good and very useful for your home, patio doors also have some problems that require you to make repairs to the door. Moreover, if the patio door is made of glass, then the possibility of breaking can also occur. Well, here we provide some other common problems that often occur in partition doors.

  • Rollers are broken or loose (can occur at the top or bottom of the door).
  • A lot of dust or dirt that eventually clogs the grooves or door rollers.
  • The glass becomes bent and deformed. This is caused by extreme weather or heat waves.
  • Cracked or broken window frames.
  • The door lock is broken, the closing system is faulty, or the glass is loose.
  • Patio door handles may also become loose. This is because the door handle is often pulled too hard when opening or closing the door, making the installation vulnerable to cracks which ultimately affect its operating power.

You can make your own repairs to the patio door problem. But now there are many patio door repair services ranging from sliding patio doors repair, sliding glass patio doors repair, aluminum patio doors repair, and others. Therefore, it is better for you to use these repair services so the results can be better and reduce the risk of errors or more severe damage.

How to Do An Easy Patio Door Repair?

Actually there are no special ways to repair a patio door, because the treatment of damage to the patio door depends on the type of damage that occurs. However, in general, there are several things you should know about common damage to patio doors.

  • If there is a problem with the door frame, the frame must be replaced with a new one.
  • If you need weather-tight glass or patio door screens, weather insulation must be installed.
  • If your patio door can’t be opened like it was when it was just installed, then usually damage to the hinges, worn latches, damage to locks, springs, and so on. Checks must be made on these parts to replace damaged door components.
  • If damage occurs to the sliding patio door, the repair is carried out by replacing or lubricating the track and door rollers.

However, again, so that the patio door repair process is safe and good, you can use the services of a door repairman. Then, what are the advantages of using these repair services compared to repairing the patio door yourself? Read on for the next explanation.

Advantages of Using A Door Repair Service

Door repairers will be able to provide you with all the tools to safely troubleshoot your patio door. In addition, they also use professional vacuum equipment to clean the dust on the patio door and make adjustments to the height and width of the door that is curved or damaged. They will also repair the patio door frame or any cracked wood that is causing the sliding door system to fail.

Door repairs can also replace worn or damaged rollers. Not only that, you can ask them to add a security system on the patio door. They can solve all problems related to patio doors in just a few hours so you don’t have to bother spending your time repairing the door by yourself.

Well, if you often experience problems with the patio door, it is highly recommended to hire the services of a door repairman to minimize the risk of more damage. Not only that, using patio door glass repair services or patio door glass repair will also help you in getting the right way to treat patio door glass which is prone to damage.

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