How to Protect Your Teak Wood Dining Table

How to Protect Your Teak Wood Dining Table
How to Protect Your Teak Wood Dining Table – Tangerineduel, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons


Solid wood furniture is always the best choice for indoor furniture. The pleasing appearance and natural texture are very attractive and keep winning awards.

Reasons for solid wood furniture:

  • Solid wood is very strong and sturdy. With proper care, it will last for generations.
  • Wood furniture is inherently beautiful with its unique texture, natural grain and color.
  • The wood is so practical and easy to work with that it can be used for custom-made furniture.
  • Beautiful solid wood furniture can affect the overall aesthetic value of your home. The aesthetic and eye-catching durability of solid wood furniture can emphasize the symbols of durability, beauty and luxury of any environment.

Raise your hand if the dining table is made of wood

The dining table is definitely the eye-catcher in the house. Large, luxurious and elegant or small, functional and cute, a dining table is a luxurious piece of furniture that is not only practical but also has a major impact on the overall look and beauty of your home.

Most furniture is easy to maintain by simply dusting it off and wiping it down occasionally, but dining room tables are a different story. While solid wood furniture has many benefits, it also comes with its own set of challenges.

The dining table has been exposed to factors that can damage the wood

how to use

A dining table is one of the most commonly used pieces of furniture in any home. Unlike closets, beds, sofas, or chairs, which are padded or have minimal contact area, dining tables in most homes are spacious and have relatively large areas that are constantly exposed to human contact.

The surface of a wooden dining table comes into contact with various organic and inorganic substances that can damage the surface.


This is one of the biggest challenges with dining tables exposed to changing temperatures. The surface regularly comes into contact with hot or cold substances. In addition, the table is subject to fluctuations in ambient temperature.


Moisture is a real threat to wood. With dining tables, weather conditions pose a very high risk of exposure to condensation, spills, water and ambient humidity near hot or cold food, which can cause the wood to crack and swell.

surface damage

Dining tables often have a large exposed area. Surfaces are subject to regular physical contact from people and sometimes pets. The table also comes into contact with wet, smooth or hard objects that leave marks on the surface.

How to choose the right wood and protect your dining table

One of the best woods for dining tables is teak

Teak is naturally resistant to weather, moisture, temperature and microbial activity. The wood is hard, heavy and extremely durable. What makes wood valuable is its strength, unique golden yellow or silver gray colour, grain and texture.

This will prevent damage to your dining table

avoid direct sunlight

The sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause chemical changes in wood, resulting in discoloration and discoloration.

Keep away from open fire

Radiant heat can dry out wood, causing it to warp and split, compromising the integrity of your dinnerware. We recommend that you do not expose your dining table directly to a heat source.

maintain humidity level

Try to maintain the overall humidity level in your home to prevent damage to your wood table.

scratch protection

The key to avoiding scratches is caution and mindfulness. Avoid objects sliding on the table. It may leave scratches on the surface. Cover the surface with a tablecloth or glass to avoid scratching the surface. Otherwise, use coasters or placemats to avoid placing items directly on the surface.

dust and clean

Dust the table regularly and use mild soapy water (detergent) to remove stubborn dirt and stains with a soft cloth. This preserves the finish and shine of your table.

polish the table

Polishing your table at least twice a year will keep it looking new. For best results, apply polish and buff with a microfiber cloth.

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