What You Need to Know About Los Angeles Home Organizers


You might have heard of Los Angeles home organizers. With everyone so busy working 9 to 5, sometimes organizing your space is not an easy thing to fit into the schedule. Even if you got a day off, you might want to use it to relax and put your mind at ease instead of decluttering your home. That’s why professional organizers exist. They offer services to help you take care of your space. You will still be a part of the process, but you don’t need to do all the heavy work yourself. You will also get advice on better home organizing from them. Here’s what you need to know about professional home organizers.

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How Does It Work?

Professional home organizers could help you manage space as small as your bedroom or kitchen. But they could also help you make an organizing plan if you are moving to a new place. There might be a series of interviews that needs to be done. This process is to determine whether you and the professional home organizers have the same vision.

Los Angeles home organizers will let you review the decluttering process. In return, they will give you advice on what to do and what to not do. You could also reshape areas to add functionality or even shift to more versatile tools for efficiency. This will create an order in your space.

Professional organizing company also differentiate their services into 3 categories.

1) Home organization – For anyone who needed help decluttering their kitchen, kids’ room, or nursery, or even needs help with room styling.

2) Office organization – Helps for a home office that needs a filing system, or organizing supply room and storage. They also help create a system that balances the workflow enhancements.

3) Move management – When you are moving away, you might need help packing your stuff. Their services are essential if you are trying to keep it small so everything can fit into one truck. 

Los Angeles Home Organizers Rate

The average rates for home organizer services in Los Angeles might vary depending on some things, such as work hour and types of room that needs to be organized. Typically, they charged between $50 to $150 per hour. It might also be affected by the size of the room.

Professional home organizers can also charge per project. This applies to office organizing or even move management. The average price per project starts from $100 up to $1,500. 

The professional home organizer’s rate can also be affected by factors like experience level. The longer they are in the industry, the higher the price. It’s also a guarantee that they give quality services. The reputation of the company also plays a part in setting the rates.

Tips and Tricks to Choose Los Angeles Home Organizers

Before you hire a professional organizing company, you need to know a few tips and tricks. A friend’s referral is always a great help. You can also get their honest review of the service. Even though it might not be the same with you, it’s great to know one or two things about the work before setting your mind to hiring the person.

You might also want to find the trusted services from the National Association of Productivity & Organizing, known as NAPO. Big companies also offer their services through social media, and there’s no better way to find out about customers’ experiences than through online reviews.

Professional Home Organizer Pros and Cons


1) Detailed – It is no surprise that a pair of fresh eyes could offer a new perspective that creates a better system.

2) Non-judgemental – You own a lot of stuff but don’t have the heart to sort it yourself because of the sentiment. Los Angeles home organizers will give you a solution that works for you and your beloved stuff.

3) Long-lasting – Besides helping you organize your space, professional home organizers will also offer you an organizing plan so that the system could stay in place for a long time.


1) A lot of questions – Communication is the key to reaching the same vision for home organizing. You might be attending a few consultation sessions before getting to work.

2) Have to let go of control – When asking for a professional home organizer’s help, you are only an active help instead of the motor of the process. It might not fit some people, but it is a great help if you don’t have any idea what to do.

When to Use Professional Home Organizer Service

There are times that you might feel the stuff in your house is getting too much to sort alone. It might be time to hire service from a professional organizing company. Their services are open to anyone and at any time.

For example, you just welcome new addition to your family. A little angel that takes up your time to even sleep at night. It might be okay for the first few weeks. Then after a month or so, it becomes clear that you need help to declutter. The number of baby supplies is getting out of hand and you’re missing a pair of warm socks or you can’t remember where you put the carrying cloth.

Or maybe you just move to your new house in a Los Angeles neighborhood and your stuff is getting mixed up. You found a whisk inside the box labeled bedroom, and a plate ended up with the books. You could hire a professional home organizer to help you set things straight. Even better if you work with them before you move so that you already have an organizing system ready.

The thing is, professional home organizers are not allowed to judge you. Know when you need to ask for professional help even if it’s just organizing your home. Organizing things need a lot of thought and not everyone can do it perfectly. People with mental disorders like ADHD or even depression might find professional home organizer services to be helpful. For example, Los Angeles home organizers might offer more than just home organizing services but also design a system that’s easy to memorize and help you to stay organized for a long time.


Is it worth it?

The majority say it is. Especially if you are too caught up with handling your career. Professional home organizers also might have the tools that you don’t. You will also be included in this process through interviews. It gives them the idea of your preference for space.

What’s the best Los Angeles Home Organizers?

There might be no definitive answer, but one thing is for sure, you need to establish good communication with your professional home organizer. You need to tell them what you need and what you don’t, your preference, and other struggles you face while trying to declutter. You might want to hire someone who you feel comfortable with.

That is all you need to know about the Los Angeles home organizers. The process might take some time, but it guarantees your comfort in the following days, even years living in the place. It also saves you the headache of sorting your stuff and creating a neat space.

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